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Aerial VIDEO + Photography


A picture is worth a thousand words.  A video is worth ten-thousand more!  Often times there's more to a listing than the home itself.  Listings with lot features, such as acreage, freshwater access, oceanfront, guesthouses, sporting courts, livestock outbuildings, or preserves to name a few, can benefit tremendously from areal footage.  Aerial videography can tell the whole story.  The additional perspective better illustrates a unique property layout or geographical location to potential buyers and their agents – supporting the asking price and generating showings that may have otherwise passed.




An aerial photograph is a far superior birds-eye view solution for a dilapidated bungalow on a massive plot of prime real estate, or an exquisite custom home on a sliver of oceanfront dunes, than a pixelated internet, satellite screen shot.  Aerial stills are also a great alternative for densely wooded properties, or condominium settings.  Sellers agents can not only use the aerial photos to market their listing, but once the property sells, mounted and framed – aerial stills make an exceptional closing gift for the seller.  A gift such as this leaves a lasting impression and could lead to repeat business and/or referrals.  Who doesn’t want that?

[   Aerial Services Managed and Directed by Nichole Brosch Professional Photography + Design, in Partnership with Martelli Productions   ]


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